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I was born at the hermitage land shrigirishi of holy earth motherland village-tilakpur (chanan) Suryagadha assembly. We started regional election in 2003 Mother Bala tripur sundari, Baba Indradamneshwar mahadeve of holly land in the form of work land. I met 80% normal people of four districts Monger, Lakhisarai, Shekhpura, and Jamui of 12 legislatures and won the election from the district Munger, Lakhisarai and Shekhpura. I was defeated in three booth of Jamui district to very bit of difference due to plundering the booth of ruler party. Moreover we were won after defeat. Any person couldn’t win the election with the power of classism; we can win any election with the majority of good person.

I am the son of a teacher so my gestures, nature all are just like a teacher. All students for the teacher are same. Teacher doesn’t see any classism, region, area, villages. His behave is same for all students. We obey the nation just like the mother India. All are brother and sister people of this mother land.  I started my politics travel to watching the social problems. Prestige is most important for any person. Anybody can earn money but prestige doesn’t get very easily. I try to save myself with the glitter of money in Mayanagari. I have need of your help for do politics with purity.

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